Female and Chinese female outfit flag

Dressed as a woman of the Chinese dress, the flag and women have a close relationship. The so-called flags female, is refers to the changing of the women in the family members; Changing of the qing dynasty, it is to be incorporated into the eight banners called. The composition of the manchu qing dynasty the eight banners in the han nationality as the main body, the fusion and Mongolian and other national inside. The eight banners in the qing dynasty AiXinJiaoLuo royal imperial clan, aware of Saul, also includes other than eight banners manchuria, the eight banners of Mongolia and the eight banners of han army. The eight banners of han army and the eight banners Mongolia respectively by the han and joined with the Mongolian composition. The eight banners of qing dynasty han army of 260000, is the eight banners manchuria, the eight banners of the Mongolian 3 times. Therefore, changing of the manchu people is not only, still can be Mongolian or Chinese person. So, the Chinese dress is defined as the manchus people wear costumes it beneath accurate. Life is in the north of the manchu ethnic minorities, good at fishing and hunting and nomadic, what they wear around the robe all around, there is a right of belt buckle, TuoXie stumbling convenient and warm, very suitable for their way of life. Later in the han and they joined with the Mongolian people also adopted this present. In late Ming and early qing dynasty the eight banners system progressively establish the gown, changing of the change, and the development of manchuria early style is also different, then flag female wear robe is real? Chinese dress The predecessor to the republic, to become a modern sense of Chinese dress, called the new Chinese dress or the new cheongsam. Flags female outfit and the Chinese women and two parts, in the beginning of qing dynasty has obvious costume differences.


Chinese cheongsam

Chinese dress, this contemporary international clothing called “Oriental women’s” the representative, now not only by the love of Chinese women in our country, but also by Western Europe and the women of all ages. In fact, filed a Chinese dress, it still originated in the middle of the sixteenth century manchu women’s national dress, as for the Chinese dress is who designed and how to promote? The manchu folk there is a beautiful legend story. Legend, a former bank jingbo lake girl, because the manchu fishermen’s long black handsome face, xinlingshouqiao, said she “black, girl”. She think wearing handed down from ancient times, fishing is not convenient hypertrophy dress, clipping a even more with the obligatory unofficially engaged skirt buckle, thus saving, convenient and suitable cloth Labour. Later, she was elected to the palace “black empress”, because of not spoil the life, he can wear and fat big pieces geographic skirt, wear up once more with the buckle clipping his gown. The emperor think she do STH without authorization changes the dress, he’ll catch the guilty she is out of house, and a kick medium she turned their hearts and die. Amidst the pointed out the news of the death heard black empress, cry three days, still wear up her clipping of that kind of robes to honor her. Later, in the flag of women think convenient, wear it, call it “cheongsam”. Strange to say, every put on the Chinese dress women, is so much slim, beautiful, it is said that handyman black empress in sunny help they dress up in miles.

The Chinese dress wearing occasion

Qipao dress and tie-in and other clothing, as also to have certain standards and requirements. Can be divided into a formal and informal occasion.
Formal occasions generally refers to attend the ceremony, a foreign affairs visit, festival grand meeting, art performances and wedding banquet, the qipao dress must be fabrics such as high-grade (), design of brocade grave (such as traditional Chinese painting cheongsam, embroider cheongsam), work is exquisite. In all button must be fastened, should pay attention to the hair style, and paint, generally do not need to other dress collocation.
Informal occasion generally refers to the family reunion, friends, go out to travel, leisure walking and family rest etc, then can choose fabrics, design, do manual work is more general cheongsam, of course, also can choose to high-grade qipao in informal situations, can choose the other in some accessories, such as leather shoes, scarf, glasses, bag, make full use of their own characteristics and hobbies, elaborate collocation,
6. Read the Chinese dress ten error

To the Chinese dress error recognition

Error, a Chinese dress is of the manchu people dress.
In fact, the Chinese dress is not the manchus people QiZhuang of qing dynasty. Chinese dress is said took dress more is the result of the interpret without real understanding. Although many people think that the Chinese dress is QiZhuang qing dynasty the inheritance. But experts think the qing dynasty, the Chinese dress and QiZhuang has almost no direct inheriting relationship. In fact, from the modern Chinese dress design perspective, and QiZhuang qing dynasty the studio system.
Myth, the Chinese dress has a long history.
The origin of the Chinese dress really about in the mid 1920 s. To 30 s peaked. Qipao to at present but nearly years of history.
Myth, cheongsam originated in Beijing.
In 1948 the assertion that the carcasses Mr Hire Chinese dress “start popular in Shanghai, and gradually into the mainland”.
Myth Chinese dress, suitable only for as a wedding dress.
Almost all new people will get married in the dress when cheongsam. In fact, a lot of improvement and short money in Chinese qipao dress is very suitable for chun xia season at ordinary times, and very beautiful.
Myth, cheongsam must be open dew of the corps thigh.
Only the Chinese dress many openings open one of the characteristic, is not the only and is not necessary. The Chinese dress appearance characteristics generally require all or part of the has the following characteristics: the YouRen DaJin KaiJin or half KaiJin form, LiLing plate, place side open new openings, a single blade cloth, garment body even sleeve of flat pattern, etc.
Error six, is expensive, the Chinese dress is high-grade consumer goods.
In fact Chinese dress is not high. Besides of high-grade fabrics or manual embroidery qipao outside a higher price. General cheongsam and ordinary clothes prices almost. A few yuan to hundreds of yuan cheongsam.
Seven, the Chinese dress just service error miss manners industry business attire.
At the end of last century began, have a lot of service industry miss manners start a cheongsam. But don’t forget that in s last century, there are so many famous woman, song meiling, LinHuiYin, ruan ling yu, zhang ailing, and has a difficult solution the Chinese dress torn.
Error eight, a cheongsam to slender and slim to just go.
In fact, the Chinese dress more suitable for Oriental female figure. In the Chinese dress height is in the best 1.60 to 1.70 meters, not fat or thin.
Error nine, a cheongsam to chest old do beautiful.
To the requirements of the figure was in cheongsam: shoulder to sneak, waist, hip to fine to plump, breast size to the right. And not chest the bigger the better.
Error, the Chinese dress is ten exposure aesthetics.
If the miniskirt is exposed, the Chinese dress aesthetics should say is implicit aesthetics. So she is more suitable for the children of the east implicative inside collect aesthetic psychological.

How to choose and buy cheongsam?

Cheongsam varieties is various, so when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following two points. According to their wear requires. Such as wedding dress (cheongsam) not only high quality fabrics and colourful dazzing, full of festive color; Yingbin dinner dress (cheongsam) fabric should be advanced, color is soft and generous, luxurious and elegant, sedate appearance Chinese dress clothes can follow one’s inclinations, outstanding individual character and size beauty, wear comfortable and easy. Market of the specifications of the Chinese dress garment is a popular figure in figure of the system. Since each man has his own particularity, figure and cheongsam is tight, hold together tend to be strong sex of clothing, size is an important index of choose and buy cheongsam. So, buy cheongsam must accurately measured their techs, namely the bust, waist circumference, hip circumference, and with Chinese dress: “3 surround” appropriate or slightly to spare. Then, in the dressing room try on view its “3 surround” whether the finite comfortable, even next view collar, garment body, the length of the sleeves and lean, etc. Chinese dress size of choose and buy is different from the dress, clothing, is very strict, otherwise will lose their style and unique.
Chinese dress fabrics choice: Chinese dress material is very extensive. Daily general wear in summer the Chinese dress, can choose pure cotton printed shirting, printed poplin, cotton poplin, what color poplin, all kinds of yarn, printing, the GongDuan jacquard fabrics such as thin; Homemade short Chinese dress, the light and cool, beautiful and practical. Age season can choose chemical fiber or mixed textiles, such as all kinds of flash, polyester fabric silk, and various kinds of thin fabric such as flowers. These fabrics although hygroscopic, gas permeability is poor, but its appearance than cotton tinggua smooth and beautiful and pleasing to the eye, not in cold season wear very appropriate.
Concierge or wear in performance is very exquisite Chinese dress. Wear in summer, the Chinese dress should choose ShuangZhou silk fabrics, JuanFang, electric power spinning, hangzhou ROM, etc are silk. The fabrics texture is soft, light not glue the body, comfortable it is cool. Age season wear, the Chinese dress fabrics choose the various satin and velvet classes: such as, the ancient sweet satin brocade, jinyu satin, crepe satin, Joe the LiRong, JinSiRong, etc, these advanced fabrics of Chinese dress can make the full performance Oriental female body beauty, point, line, feng yun and outstanding, showily and elegant gentle and lovely, if in the chest, and brought the front, a more brilliant, ornament adornment.

Modern Chinese dress

The origin of modern significance on Chinese dress, the Chinese dress was born in 20 century, prevailed in the early s, is the representative of the Chinese women clothing. When Shanghai is high, they are lucky beauties swim and play golf, flight art, horseback riding, costly social life and pursued modern, to the Chinese dress popular. Shanghai has been advocating because Shanghai style western-style way of life, so that later appeared “improved Chinese dress”, from the curve to cover the body appeared abrupt and exquisite female beauty.
After DuoNian the revision and improvement, the Chinese dress has become the most beautiful clothes can reflect Chinese women, with the most Chinese cloth, silk, brocade, make it the most Chinese clothing–the Chinese dress, wear in bun high in the gentle and graceful figure Chinese woman body, that the beauty of the east, Oriental verve, breathtaking. Qipao in here, already get off the general sense of the clothing and become a symbol.

Cheongsam’s history

Qipao manchu women from traditional clothing, in the 20 th century (the han nationality women by the government of the republic of China, the improvement in 1929 identified as the national dress one. After the republic, Shanghai, Peiping, han Chinese women in its basis, be improved (intellectual women costumes of standard. 1949 years later, the Chinese dress in mainland China gradually was left out in the cold, especially cultural revolution is considered a symbol FengZiXiu destroyed. Since the reform and opening up to restore China national dress for one representative. There are two Chinese dress, a long-running TV by high mind, starring TianHaiRong, a pandemic teleplay “by zhou xun, starring. Writer snow static published entitled “the Chinese dress” historical novels.